Using Soybeans to Teach Science


Introduction to Soybean Science

Science integration is fundamental to our food supply; conventional research and development along with biotechnologies are what will allow us to feed our growing world population. Soybean Science aims to stimulate student interest in science harvested from the real-world applications from soybean farming and processing.

Why soybeans to teach science?

As teachers, you work hard to teach science and soybean farmers greatly appreciate it as their livelihood depends on geneticists, plant breeders, agronomists, chemists, engineers, and many others to help them be successful in the field. Nearly all of your students have driven by a soybean field and few, if any, of them recognize that the “simple” act of growing soybeans is a tremendous opportunity to see science concepts in action.

To help invest in future generations of scientists and science-literate citizens, South Dakota soybean farmers have created Soybean Science to find, develop and share well-designed, engaging instructional resources using soybeans as the context for making science relevant (and hopefully a little fun).

Resources Available

Soybean Science is a collection of instructional resources for science and agriscience teachers in all grades. This is not a curriculum; rather a collection of great ideas that you can use to supplement what you already plan to teach.

Included in Soybean Science:

  • Hands-on lesson activities
  • Lab activities
  • Interactive introductions to science concepts
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