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This set of twelve interactives will guide students as they explore scientific concepts through the lenses of soybean production!  Discover photosynthesis, plant life cycle, energy flow, water cycle, state changes, and more.  Each interactive is accompanied with a student worksheet and teacher notes to support the content and prompt further instruction.  Each interactive is reinforced by one or more 3rd through 5th grade South Dakota Science Standard. 

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Student Worksheets and Teacher Notes for All Interactives

This file includes all 12 student worksheets and 12 teacher note pages in one PDF.  These can be downloaded from each interactive alone, and are available here as one file for convenience.

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On-Farm Field Trip Guide - Soil Permeability and Soybean Production

This facilitator guide is designed to be used in the field but could be modified to be completed in a classroom.  This experience addresses South Dakota Science Standards in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade, along with Common Core English Language Arts and Math standards.  Students will measure, calculate and analyze data while observing the relationship of water movement through various soils.  Bringing this lab back into the classroom, students will use what they learned from the in-field experience to hypothesize and test actual soybean growth in a variety of soils.

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